Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet with Opponents: Brad Daw & Linda Houskeeper

BOTH Linda Houskeeper and Brad Daw agreed upon a meeting this coming Wednesday at 6:30pm. Kip Meacham has proposed and both have accepted the following format:

Date: Wednesday, 4/16/08
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Place: Tahitian Noni Auditorium (Place could change, check back here for latest details.)
Moderator: Either Kip Meacham (Orem 27 Precinct Chair) or Ivan Keller (Legislative District 60 Chair)


1. Coin toss - winner chooses to go first with opening statement or closing statement

2. Candidate 1 introduction (10-15 minutes)

3. Candidate 2 introduction (10-15 minutes)

4. Questions from the attendees directed to individual candidates or to both--giving both candidates an opportunity to respond or comment on the questions (55 minutes)

5. Candidate 2 conclusion (2 minutes)

6. Candidate 1 conclusion (2 minutes)

Email Kip Meacham with questions for candidates.

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