Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Legislative District 60 Chair

On January 28,2012 we attended our quarterly Central Committee Meeting. Everyone who is elected as a Precinct Chair or Vice Chair comprises the body of this meeting. It is where we vote on issues critical to the county party, prepare for elections, caucuses, have district elections, etc. I ran for Leg 60 Chair and won.

My vision for our district is threefold. I very want to unite a district that has become quite divisive. Regardless of which side we are in the issues, in my opinion, when we come together as a district we must focus on spreading the Republican message, registering voters and getting out the vote, and supporting our candidates and elected officials.

On March 15th we will hold the statewide caucuses for the Republican Party. At each of these caucuses new precinct officers will be elected: Precinct Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer as well as state and county delegates. It is our goal to get every voting Republican in Legislative District 60 to the caucus. Here, patterned after the representational government our Founding Fathers gave us, we elect those who will meet with candidates, research them and the issues, and whittle the Republican field down to one candidate who will represent us in November.

We face a historic time in America and are in the battle for her very soul. It is my hope that we can have record turnouts at our  caucuses  and at the polls. It is one of my strongest beliefs that in order to salvage our nation, we must begin at home. Our political home begins in District 60 of Utah County's Republican Party. I look forward to working with everyone.

Because I am now the Leg Chair, I will not be able to conduct our March 15 Caucus. Robin Devey, who is my vice-chair, will conduct that night. It has been an honor to serve the Orem 28th Precinct for all these years. I intend to remain active and will be seeking a state delegate position so that I may continue to represent you. Thanks for your confidence all these years. I am certain I am leaving you in very competent hands.

Thank you,
Candace Salima
Leg 60 Chair

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