Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Elected Officials for Orem 28 Precinct

We had a small gathering of people join us at the Caucus tonight. Many of our standard families were not there tonight and they were sorely missed. But we had a whole new young group of Republicans move into our precinct and they are real go-getters! We also had some of our faith Republicans who turn out to every caucus and election. They are the backbone of our precinct and it is always so nice to see them.

We're planning on being a much more active precinct this year. We're planning a precinct Barbecue in June -- date to be announced on this blog -- and we're very excited about it! I'll do my best to get some of our candidates to come and mingle, answer questions, etc.

Tonight we elected the new officers for our precinct. Here's who they are and their contact information:

Precinct Officers

Precinct Chair: Candace E. Salima
Vice Chair: Dan Sinema
Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Stone

State Delegates

Dan Glahn
Brett Nielsen

County Delegates

Candace E. Salima
Dan Sinema
Scott Martin
Ronald Gubler
Toni Beard
Jill Nielsen

These are the duly elected officers of Orem 28 Precinct for the 2008-2010 election season.

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