Monday, April 19, 2010

Brad Daw: Federalism, Health Care Reform, and States Rights

Dear Delegate,

Throughout the next few weeks I want to take the opportunity to inform you of several issues that I am involved with and feel are important for the betterment of our district and the state of Utah.

The first issue I would like to address is federalism and health care reform. I am deeply concerned by the federal government’s overreaching role in this matter. It seems to be a federal government power grab in the name of health care reform, a reform that is very personal to all US citizens.

During the past session, I backed legislation which supported states rights as mandated by the United States Constitution and attempts to push back on federal encroachment.

I have also been recently appointed to the Health Reform Task Force for the third year in a row where we will work on an effective consumer driven, market oriented approach. This will serve as a strong counter-point to the federal plan and will be a model that other states can adapt and implement. Thus, it will have the potential to contest and ultimately defeat the federal reform.

Thank you for your support,

Brad Daw
Brad Daw has become a proven leader in the fight for market-driven, consumer-oriented health care.

"Brad Daw is a champion of consumer and private health care solutions. He understands the importance of solving our health system challenges on a state level rather than an undesired federal option. Brad helped launch the idea of defined-contribution health plans which I think will revolutionize the way health insurance is purchased in the state of Utah.

I appreciate his support of consumer driven health plans like health savings accounts and business-friendly solutions like the Utah Health Exchange. Representative Daw has proven to be an integral and effective leader. I support him in his strong legislative work to improve our health system and find solutions to control cost."

S. David Jackson, SPHR
FirstWest Benefit Solutions
Brad Daw is a proven champion of states rights.
Brad Daw is a man of integrity, courage and strength. He has consistently fought to make Utah safer with his fight against prescription fraud and addiction, strengthening Utah in many ways and through his work with the Patrick Henry Caucus has worked hard to protect Utah against the ever encroaching federal government. He has always been responsive when approached and helpful in every way. I am more than pleased to publicly endorse Brad Daw as our Legislative District 60 Representative. He has my vote.

Candace Salima
Author, entrepreneur, and publisher

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