Monday, April 19, 2010

Brad Daw: Post Session Wrapup

Emailed to me 6 April 2010.

Dear Neighbor:

The session is fully over now. All the bills have been signed or vetoed and all the legislators are back to real life. As part of the legislative wrap up, I’ve been asked for an item of information that have just become available: My voting record. Now you have always been able to see how I voted on a specific bill, but this link allows you to see all my votes in one place. Just click here to see every single vote that I took on the floor of the House.

Another part of the end of the session is the preparation for interim. This is when committee assignments are made and we begin to discuss what topics will be on the agendas of each committee. This is a vital step in the legislative process as many major legislative initiatives are first heard in an interim committee. I will be proposing a couple of topics. First, I had the chance to see the latest technology in tamper proof prescription pads and I would like to bring that to a committee to see how this might be used in Utah. Second, I have met with the chair of the education committee to see about devoting a part of a meeting to promoting on line education. I see a wide expanse of knowledge available over the internet and I’d like to find ways to open up this world to more Utah students.

I have also been reappointed to the Health Reform Task Force for the third year in a row. This committee becomes ever more vital as we work hard to find ways to preserve our health care system from federal encroachment and move it more towards a free market, consumer-driven system. We’ve had some good success already, but the effort is far from over and with the passage of a very ill advised national health care bill we are under a tight timeline to show real progress and clearly demonstrate that the national plan is the exact wrong direction to move in.

Finally, I’d like to welcome all of the county delegates to my newsletter and congratulate them for getting out to caucus and being willing to take part in what makes our country free. My hat is off to you and I hope you enjoy this newsletter. I try to send it out around once a month during the interim and once a week while we are in session.

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Brad Daw

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